How Did Al Capone Cause Organized Crime

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In, 1899, Al Capone was born, to two poor Italian immigrants, in Brooklyn, New York. Al grew up in Brooklyn, and at an early age began getting involved in crimes. He became an apprentice to John Torrio a notorious gang leader. As prohibition deepened, his involvement in organized crime, became a lot greater. As time went on John Torrio, handed over the reigns to Al Capone himself. At the time prohibition was in full effect, which was the main cause of organized crime. His organized gang was involved in bootlegging, illegal gambling, and lots more. He had many rivals to compete with such as Buggs Moran. Capone never really got in much trouble with the law, because most of the law was involved in organized crime. But the FBI finally put him in jail for tax evasion. Al Capone was a very influential figure during his time as a mobster in the …show more content…

Members of his gang were often called "American Boys" : a group of non-Italian, native born criminals."(Lantzer). Before prohibition was enforced, many gangs had their hands tied up in illegal gambling and prostitution. Capone and his gang dominated Chicago and cause lots of fear in people. As Witer explained in his work about Capone's ability with his gang, "By the late 1920's, his gang also dominated gambling, labor racketeering, and other Criminal activities and established contacts with gangs." (Witer). Capone's popularity was growing, he had a name on his back, as The public enemy number one. He was national celebrity, as Witer explained in his work, "Capone became a national celebrity both because of his great wealth and because Police seemed unable or unwilling to bring him to justice."(Witer). He was never caught by the police, because most of the police were involved in organized

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