Al Capone: Gangster During The 1900's

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). Al Capone was a gangster during the 1900’s. I would consider him to be an entrepreneurial type of person because, he owned restaurants in New York and ran his own gang. Al Capone even gave out free food to individuals in his community. In 1930 his restaurant gave 3,500 individuals food because they were in need of a meal. (T pg.228-229) Al Capone controlled the streets of New York. He controlled the communities by tending to their needs in ways of food, security and protection. Gangsters were even having lottery scams in their own personal businesses. (T pg. 228) Therefore, he was very strong in his organization because, of how influenced the community was by him. Al Capone was known for distributing drugs, as well as dealing with …show more content…

Drugs are a way of life in some countries. Afghanistan is the leading producers of opium. The “Golden Triangle” is what some call the biggest opium crops known. (H. Warlord) Therefore, a lot of different individuals need to be involved in order to maintain the opium growth. The economy controls the growth of poppy plants, which is what the opium is made from. The people of Afghanistan are poor and can only prosper by growing these types of plants. They are not the strongest of governments or organizations. However, the people need food and money and they know growing poppy plants is the way to receive what they need. (H. Warlord) Their competition will be the military. Afghan militia and the United States military are fighting the uprising crop growth of poppy plants in Afghanistan. The soldiers walk the fields and destroy them. The farmers are devastated because it’s their only means of food and finances for their families. (H. Warlord)
4). Danny Greene was a mobster in Cleveland, Ohio. He lived a life of crime that involved drugs, murder and organized crime. He was a higher level dealer for this particular mob in Cleveland. They bribed government officials and ran the city. …show more content…

He wanted power and money. Therefore, they were violent in order to get what they wanted. Bribing people and threatening others in their path of destruction over the city of Cleveland. (D) In this particular case, his competition was more than just the police. He was killed by a hitman hired from a rival gang. They used a car bomb to kill Danny. They bought a car, put a bomb inside and parked it beside Danny’s car. When Danny came back to his car, the hitman detonated the bomb and killed Danny. His competition was with his life style.

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