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George “Bugs” Moran Mobster and a Businessman he made his millions running booze he lost his millions just as fast as he had made them in his bloody war with one of the biggest mobsters of all time. Bugs Moran mobster turned leader of the North Side Gang of Chicago Its Irish origin was now lead by a Minnesota Polish man. Bugs Moran was a notorious Mobster that came to be single head of his gang when the tragic death of his leaders and co-leaders, he was in a bloody war with Al Capone and his South Side Gang, and he was the target of the St. Valentine’s Day massacre that Al Capone had set up for him. Bugs Moran the surviving leader of the North Side gang after the many brutal murders that came by the hands of Al Capone and his South Side gang. In 1926 Moran became the sole leader of the gang after the “Death …show more content…

Valentine Day Massacre an effect to a cause Bugs put Capone in corner that called for an immediate call of his power as a player in the Chicago gangsters he showed how much of a player he could be with the tools he had. Word was given to Bugs about a shipment of boozes, Al Capone’s Booze, on February 13, 1929 that was to arrive the next day Bugs saw an opportunity so he took it. On the day of the massacre “ a Cadillac with two police officer drove up to the building at 10:50 am five men got out of the car two in police uniform and three in street clothes minutes later gunfire erupted near the building” (Cavendish). “Six men died that day five were members with an innocent bystander,” they all died at the hands of Al Capone under his orders to send the message he was not to be messed with even through with clear message Bugs “continued the turf war but to smaller extent” (World Library). Bugs Moran was a notorious mobster during his time and was one of the Northside gang’s longest running in command for a long time because of the way he thought and the criminal mastermind that he had as an enemy was his downfall and his lack of seeing the bigger

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