Moon Of The Crusted Snow Resilience Quotes

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Waubgeshig Rice's novel Moon of the Crusted Snow is a powerful portrayal of the resilience and determination of indigenous communities. Set in a small Anishinaabe community, the novel depicts the community's struggle to survive during a catastrophic power outage that plunges them into darkness and uncertainty. The theme of resilience is central to the novel, as the characters are forced to adapt and rely on their ingenuity to survive. In addition, the novel highlights the importance of community in times of crisis, as the characters come together to support each other in facing these challenges. Through the characters' struggles, Rice demonstrates the power of resilience and the importance of community in overcoming adversity. Moon of the Crusted …show more content…

"Evan quickly realized that the power outage was not going to be a short-term problem and began to make long-term plans for the community's survival" (Rice 40). This quote illustrates Evan's ability to quickly assess the situation and make necessary adjustments to ensure the community's survival. It also showcases Evan's foresight and ability to think strategically, a crucial aspect of resilience. Another way Evan demonstrates resilience is through his ability to stay optimistic, despite difficult circumstances. "Evan always had a smile on his face and a positive attitude, which helped lift the spirits of the community during the difficult times" (Rice 60). This quote illustrates Evan's ability to stay positive and optimistic, which helps lift the community's spirits during difficult times. It also demonstrates Evan's emotional intelligence, a crucial aspect of resilience. Evan's ability to stay optimistic is also reflected in his ability to find humor in difficult situations. "Evan always had a way of making the community laugh, which helped them forget about their struggles for a moment" (Rice 70). This quote illustrates Evan's ability to find humour in difficult situations and how it serves as a source of resilience for the

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