My Love For You Is So Embarrassingly Analysis

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The poem “My Love for You is so Embarrassingly” by Todd Boss is a poem about love and the whirlwind of feelings you get when experiencing it. In this poem, Boss uses many figures of speech in order to put ourselves in his shoes and help us better understand what love is to him. The title may cause confusion; why would love be so embarrassing? Throughout the poem he uses several metaphors ultimately explaining it. Boss’s love is so grand; he is so infatuated that it is embarrassing. Boss starts the poem with, “grand…would you mind terribly, my groundling…” He identifies his lover his groundling. Although, in many contexts this might be offensive, perhaps it is his love language. One definition of groundling claims it is a theater goer that sits in the pit below the stage. Perhaps his love is so grand it’s like a musical or play that he is putting on just for her. Another definition states a groundling is one who cannot travel. It could be that Boss is referring to his love whom is far away and cannot visit him so he is traveling to see her. Another reason he could be implying he is …show more content…

He’s claiming his love to be the best of his time, and even though both ended in failure, they left a mark in history. When he states, “that vulnerable elephantine dream of transport, a fabric Titanic on an ocean of air?” He’s explaining how massive yet fragile love can be. He compares it to a fabric Titanic; fabric may be beautiful but it is not sturdy, it is delicate and should be handled with care. Thus, he is claiming love is not easy and not always sturdy. Love takes hard work and needs support and care in order to

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