A League Of Their Own Film Analysis

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The film I am analyzing, A League of Their Own, would be categorized as a narrative film about the growth of women’s baseball teams during World War II. It follows the dramatized story of Dottie Hinson’s time in her baseball league and their struggles to make women’s baseball be taken seriously; however, the film focuses more on Dottie’s personal goals and relationships. With the added personal challenge of Dottie’s increasing rivalry with her sibling, Kit, as well as the uncaring attitude of their manager, Jimmy Dugan, Dottie’s tale is filled with tension and emotion that is shaped to draw the audience in. To showcase the drama of the film and to help the audience become attached to the stories of the characters, the movie uses flashbacks, comedy, and interpersonal drama to manufacture the story of our main character, Dottie, more interesting and engaging to the audience. As is easily evident simply by the summary of the movie, A League of Their Own is a nonfiction, narrative film made for entertainment and drama, and uses the time period as the circumstances of the story relevant to the audience. A League of Our Own is surely a narrative film, even based purely on the way the story is introduced; the film opens with a shot of Dottie packing, and then uses a flashback to introduce the main narrative of the film. Documentaries, as we learned in class, will abundantly show the audience both the …show more content…

In simple terms of historical facts, it is accurate that that baseball owners started to fund female baseball teams during World War I in order to keep gaining profits from baseball while the men in America were off at war. Many American companies and businesses started marketing towards women during wars in order to keep their profits up, which is the reason women started working in industry jobs and how they were initiated into the labor force in

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