Sexism In The Movie: A League Of Their Own

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In the movie “A League of Their Own”, one can see how the more sexist views of the culture in the 1940s and 50s in America was present in the Girls Professional Baseball League. “A League of Their Own” is a movie about what was once the “All-American Girls Professional Baseball League” which was formed when the young men were sent over to serve in World War II. One of the most obvious cultural views that this movie shows is the feminizing of the baseball players to make them “more acceptable and women like”. Unlike men’s uniforms, that include a full shirt and pants, they were to wear skirts that were very short, too short to play baseball in comfortably. This alone shows how this league was just as much about show as it was about the women’s talent. Towards the beginning of the movie, the scout for this league was willing to pass up a player who is considered unattractive, even though she continuously was killing the ball in batting practice because he was told to find girls talent and looks were equal. Another argument supporting the existence of sexism in this All-American girls’ team was that the players were considered more seriously as princesses rather than as serious baseball players. In the movie, you can hear the announcer of the game comment, “After the first month of league play, the shine still isn’t off these “diamond” gals.” Also, in a commercial made for the league players, the audio was saying how getting a triple is still no reason to let your nose get

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