Little Giants: Gender Roles In Society

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I remembered when I was young, there were plenty of movie that has girls play dolls and boys play football. These movies were popular among children that day until now, girls were meant to be soft and boys were meant to be powerful and strong. Then one day, I’ve watched a movie that has a girl play in the football team and I were surprised because it’s the first time that I’ve seen a movie that shows girl can be both femininity and masculinity. This movie has a huge impact on young children behaviour and has influenced children in constructing gender roles in the society. ‘Little Giants’ has shown the characteristic of the main character to be abnormal and changing the gender stereotypes in young audiences’ perspective. Becky were a young sporty girl who’s passionate about football and decided in joining the local football team, but got denied by the coach because she’s a girl. Later on, Becky convinced her father to start a rival team, but the city can only support one team. To prove her team is better than the other team that she got denied, she began to work as hard as she can to carry the team for a playoff game. The main character influenced children positively, for them to work as hard as they can to fulfilling their dream. …show more content…

But this particular movie shown things all the way around, it projected a lifestyle every teenagers should have: play any sport that they want without any limitation and teenagers can play together despite their gender differences. I believe that Little Giants influence teenagers and their perspective about how femininity and masculinity represent women in the modern

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