Stereotypes In The Girls Trip Movie

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Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, a Nigerian author, gives a charismatic and enlightening TED talk about representation in literature. As a child, the only literature she was exposed to was American and English novels. The lack of Nigerian literature to consume influenced her perception of the world and her idea of her nation. Adichie’s example has an international echo. Often it is the representation of people in media that shapes society’s perspective of others, especially people with differing religions, ethnicities, and races. Member of society are the children and the media is like a governess telling us who to fear and praise. Books, films, television shows, and even radio stations tend to either validate or challenge the archetypes we create for social groups. The movie Girls Trip, both validates and challenges traditional stereotypes of Black women. At face value, the movie empowers women of color and shares a story of true friendships. However, the movie is also riddled with several assumed norms of women of color. Girls Trip …show more content…

Minorities rarely have a chance to connect with characters in media. When minorities gain an opportunity to connect with characters in films, books, and televisions shows it is pertinent that non-white characters are not portrayed as stereotypes. Portraying non-whites as they are stereotypically viewed in society only contributes to the racial divide. The film Girls Trip makes strides in preventing and addressing stereotypes. The main characters promote diversity in Black characters and show a different message than the average thug movies or the “magical Negro”. However, the film also reinforces stereotypes about Black men and women. Validating stereotypes of the mad Black woman, the Black male as a pro athlete, and unstable Black families devalues some the contributions of empowerment Girls Trip makes to Black communities. Girls Trip is a question of empowerment of further social

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