Gender Norms In Modern Society

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Across the world, little girls and little boys are being raised on gendered norms that determine how they will behave for the rest of their lives. Exposure to various types of media during their formative years instruct children on how they should look, feel, and behave. Consequently, adult women strive to emulate the fantasies they were exposed to through the Disney Princess films they were raised on. Disney Princesses offer a mold for what a successful woman looks like in terms of size, color, and physical sexuality. In modern society, countless marginalized groups are seeking equal representation in the media to accurately reflect how diverse the world truly is. Despite these movements, some companies seek to reinforce the traditional expectations in order to make a profit. Jewelry companies in America, namely Zales, are a significant source of such reinforcement through their advertising campaigns that label traditional norms as applicable to modern society. Propaganda, such as the “Zales Enchanted Disney Fine Jewelry Ad”, promotes the narrative that a woman is only deemed worthy of a financial investment by a middle-class man if she prescribes to superficial physical standards. Women have been the target of unrealistic expectations by the mass media and men for a considerable amount of time; this is not a new concept. The media relies heavily on women’s bodies to make sales to men. Regardless of who an ad is supposed to target, when it comes to jewelry, there is only
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