The Golden Retriever Rhetorical Analysis

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Seeing ads on TV, or even in the grocery store have become a normal thing. Every ad has something about them that catches the attention of millions of people daily. Advertisement experts know just how to get your attention and convince consumers that they need that $10 bottle of shampoo, only because scientists say it’s better for your hair. Advertisement experts watch your every move, especially on the internet. Everything you look up on Google, Bing, etc.… will always find a way to pop up an ad on another website. In this scene, a young family is sitting down in the living room. As their Golden Retriever walks towards the infant, she begins to cry. The Golden Retriever, with a sad look on his face, walks away, as the father gives the infant a stuffed toy …show more content…

The commercial appeals to the audiences’ emotions to make them feel sad for the Golden Retriever, who doesn’t get accepted by the little girl, while the sad song continues to play. The scene then shows how sad the dog is when the little girl is scared of him. As the father realizes that the dog is sad, he does something that he hopes will work out and make everyone happy. As the dog approaches the little girl in the lion mane, the little girl finally accepted the dog, because it looked like her stuffed toy, and reaches out to pet the dog. This appeals to emotions because after the dog is accepted, it begins to wag his tail and be happy, which makes the rest of the family happy. The appeal of logic in this advertisement is the weakest among the others. There is one small appearance of logic, which relates to the infant. In the commercial, the infant is frightened by the dog but is comforted by the stuffed lion. Therefore, the father realizes what he can do to help the infant become more comfortable around the dog. That is when the father opened his Amazon app, and ordered a lion’s mane, hoping to make the infant more comfortable around the

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