The Sapphires Film Analysis

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Welcome to cinematic studies, accredited by the national top radio station, 666. I’m your host, Gurki Gill and todays show will be featuring an Australian director, Wayne Blair. Today we’ll be taking about an Australian iconic indigenous film, The Sapphires and its historical context. |What made the film feel like it was real? Many of the viewer know the film is based upon events which occurred in real life. During the beginning of the film, in black and white displayed are freedom and land rights banners, riots, and protests. During the 1960’s people wanted to be free, thus the Aboriginal Freedom Rides declaration proceeded. Other than that there are little details throughout the film depicting the era. |Can you name the certain things depicting the era? For instance the fashion? There are many diminutive details which contain somewhat from the…show more content…
The reference was made as Kay may have been white on the inside, but on the outside she was of aboriginal descent. Many times in the film it is displayed kay embracing her inner ’white girl’ as she mentions to Gail, “Act your age not your colour”. Also one moment she also blatantly states to Gail, “If you worked as much as you fished you’d be rich”. |Do you have any insight about the girls’ experience throughout the war? Was the Vietnam set realistic? As I mentioned the film is based upon true events. In reality, only two of the four visited Vietnam, Brigs’ mother, Laurel and her sister Lois Peeler. Two of the girls were concerned due to the effects of the war in Vietnam. The girls who had decided to perform in Vietnam were very brave. In the film all of the girls were sent to Vietnam to portray, together they were inseparable and wanted to stay with family to protect each other. The sets on the other hand were crowded with militarily features such as armed guards and vehicles used to transport the girls, for protection. |Does the film depict any racism portrayed throughout the

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