Babakiueria Belonging Analysis

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The film ‘Babakiueria’ is different to other films in this genre because it is a more serious issue and it is comedic because it is a role reversal with the aboriginals being the invaders. It also shows how disrespectful and racist we have been and still are to aboriginals. BabaKiueria is a role reversal in which European Australians are the natives, the black colonisers find this white “Ghetto” and ask what it is called and the natives reply “Barbecue Area” and is mistaken for BabaKiueria and this is what they name the country, BabaKiuera. The presenter Duranga Manika spends time with a typical white family so that she help others understand white people more. When the family’s youngest daughter is taken away (as a reference to the stolen …show more content…

The film would make European Australians realise how wrong we were to treat the Aboriginals like we have in the past. The characters are very effective and make the stereotypical Aussie come to life and the indigenous actors in the film are very true in the way that they play their roles and portray the way white Australians treated Indigenous people in our past and even in our current time. The film techniques such as the hand held camera give viewers an almost real life experience to the film and the soundtrack on the film is all native Australian music. The tension is low but is there when needed and creates a feeling of empathy towards the white family. The film conveys the message that in the past Australians have been very racist, selfish, patriotist jingoistic towards the traditional owners of Australia. The film does this by practically doing all most everything to the “whities” that we did to Aboriginal families. Personally I like this film, it was entertaining and kept me watching it and I wasn’t bored at all because I was shocked all through the movie at how bad Australia’s past is. I give this film 3.5/5

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