Oodgeroo Noonuccal's An Appeal

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Oodgeroo Noonuccal’s non-traditional view of Australia in ‘An Appeal’ shows how stereotypes of Australia are not always correct. The poem shows how camaraderie and mateship are not always expressed in Australian lifestyle. It is evident in the poem that not all Australians help each other to get through tough times and Australia is divided into different groups of people and is not equal. ‘An appeal’ shows how the nation stands up for themselves and fight for what is right against the power of the ‘not really’ authoritative people of Australia. The concept of inequality is a crucial part of Oodgeroo Noonuccal’s poem ‘An Appeal’. The nation (Australia) is constantly looking for a person/group of people to follow. The underprivileged are stuck in the midst and subsequently, they feel a sense of inequality. Noonuccal accentuates the auditory effect of the underprivileged, in an attempt to evoke a depressing or compassionate feeling towards them from the reader through the use of imagery in the ‘underprivileged call’. The use of personification in ‘unfriendly doors’ displays how the statesman can force the ‘unfriendly doors’ to groups of people in which he dislikes, which shows how mean and unfriendly Australians can be. …show more content…

The nation (Australia), as a whole, tries to find a way to overthrow the bad people of their society. An important asset that needs to be used for the public - there is a sense of ‘standing up for what is right’. Noonuccal emphasises on the effect of the nation, in an attempt to arouse a hopeful feeling towards them from the reader through the use of a cliché in ‘be on our side’. The use of onomatopoeia and imperative in ‘beat’ demonstrates that there is an uprising and that there is a ‘whole-hearted’ need to change. Therefore, Noonuccal’s poem delves into the result of the public and how they feel a sense of ‘standing up for

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