The Little Rascals Analysis

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“The Little Rascals” film is a comedy that was released on August 5th ,1994 by Universal Pictures and produced by Amblin Entertainment. The Little Rascals is a more modified version of the “Our Gang” short film that was written by Hal Roach. It consisted of a number of well known actors such as: Raven-Symone, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, and Whoopi Goldberg. Although the movies can be seen as a comedy for children and adults, it also has some subliminal messages. Being a young woman in America it is quite hard for me to accept the depiction of the women’s role that is being used throughout the film. Stereotypes and a false representation of characterization are both used throughout the film about the role that women play in society. In this …show more content…

The image portrayal of women in this film is a way for the people in our society to see women as not having good standards. As when Waldo is first introduced to the film Darla instantly started gazing after him for being the rich, clean cut young man. Also Boys see girls as a scapegoat when it comes to their problems such as the scene when the club house burned down, and Alfalfa almost lost his best friend he says, “it all happened because I liked a girl” but it was really nothing to do with Darla that caused all of those events to happen it came from him not telling the truth and trying to hide her. One can also see the ideal role a woman should play in society. For instance, after the race Spanky did not expect Darla to be the one that helped them or be the one under the helmet. Another example, is how disappointed Spanky and Alfalfa was for not being able to meet AJ Ferguson, but all along they were expecting the “worlds greatest racer” to be a man. Which supports the idea that a woman was not expected to play roles that were usually thought of being for men only. Labeling women with stereotypes or specific roles in society can have a negative effect, but, at the same time be a good opportunity for women to set goals and achieve

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