Gender Roles In Zootopia

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Zootopia is a disney movie that focuses on empowering females to go for their dreams. Judy Hoops is female squirrel,who wants to become the first female cop of her kind in her community. Everyone doubts her including her parents. They feel that her dreams are too dangerous of a job for a girl, and that she is better off growing carrots for their family business. As she tries to accomplish her dreams she faces difficulties that are meant to discourage her, but fail to stop her. In the end she becomes a cop and reached great heights while finding love. Whiling watching Zootopia, I observed a clear depiction of gender roles. There was the stereotypical basis for functions that each gender should fill. The very first indication of gender roles in this children's movie was in the scene where the animals were having a kindergarden play production for their family and friends. As the characters acted out the evolution of their population that allowed pray and product to live in the same community; they stated how now each animal can be anything they want. Although when Judy announces her goals of becoming a police officer the crowd bursts into laughter. Immediately the audience reacts negatively, in an effort to …show more content…

It showed that gender should not be an obstacle when it comes to reaching your dreams. Your gender or race can not stop you from accomplish your goals, and with determination anything is possible. This movie gave an overall accurate depiction of society and how it socialized to us to accept norms that we may not agree with but are socially acceptable to other around us. By having a female character who overcomes difficulties, it teaches young children to challenge the norms of society and question the labels other place on them or others. I enjoyed watching this movie and would recommend parents show this movie to their children, so that they may feel empowered and

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