Analysis Of The Trojan Women

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The goal of the 415 BCE play, The Trojan Women was to discourage war in the ancient Mediterranean world. The play showed the hardships that came with war in an attempt to end violent conflict. The same can be said about the 1971 film. The cinematized version of the play was released amidst the peak of Vietnam protest and aimed to show, yet again, the consequences of war. The film is one of the more interesting war films because its main characters are not the soldiers, but the people affected by the loss that war brought them. This different perspective on war makes for a successful anti-war movie because it is more relatable to the general population who do not experience war on the front lines. The Trojan Women served as a relevant film in 1971, providing a different perspective on the loss of soldiers, the media, and anti-war protests related to the Vietnam War. The biggest theme of both the Vietnam War and Trojan War was the sense of loss felt citizens of the United States of America and Troy. The Trojan Women follows a group of women, highlighted by Hecuba, Cassandra, and Andromache. The film shows the struggle that these miserable women are going through after losing sons, brothers, and husbands to the Trojan War. The amount of times that these women discuss their mourning is unavoidable. It is nearly impossible to watch the film without feeling empathy for the women. This is very relatable for the many women who lost their husbands and boys to the war.

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