Effa Manley Annotated Bibliography

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Effa Manley—A Legacy Remembered For Trailblazing Both the Negro Leagues and Life The Negro Leagues—gone but not forgotten—boasts a very important person. When one thinks of the Negro Leagues and baseball in general, a hoard of men comes to mind, but, no, I am talking about a woman. Effa Manley, to be exact. The Negro Leagues boast the amazing and ever-remembered Effa Manley, who on Feb. 27, became the first woman elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Mrs. Manley’s significance in the Negro League and its players cannot be overstated or properly articulated with words. She is one of a few people to pioneer the braking down of baseball’s racial barriers, however, Mrs. Manley is special given that most considered a woman’s place in the home and not on a baseball field or behind a guest. Even in the face of gender bias, Effa Manley persisted Born …show more content…

The predicament of unjust compensation first appeared when Jackie Robinson was traded to the Dodgers when they paid less than five percent of his labor value. Effa Manley called Branch Rickey, the manager of the Dodgers, a “crook” because he failed to compensate the Kansas City Monarchs, Robinson’s old team. After this ungodly rip-off from Rickey, Manley worked tirelessly to gain fair compensation for those traded from the NLB to the MLB, now that the integration barrier was broken. The opportunity came when Larry Dobby’s, the first African American to play in the American League sect of the MLB, trade was compensated to the Newark Eagles. This move set a precedent for the compensation of teams for Black baseball players moving from the NLB to the MLB and instated a sense of respect from the MLB to the NLB for getting something that big done. For this, especially, Effa Manley is hailed as a trailblazer for Negro Baseball and its

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