Andrew Rube Foster Biography

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Over America’s history, baseball has become one of America’s favorite sports. During the development of the sport, only a few people were allowed to play. Since segregation was still occurring in the USA, only whites were allowed in the Major Leagues, where the best baseball players went to play on a team, in the beginning. Because of this, African Americans decided to build their own league known as the Negro National Leagues. People like Andrew “Rube” Foster, Leroy “Satchel” Paige, and James “Cool Papa” Bell never got the time they deserved in the Major Leagues because they were African American, but they still had a big impact on baseball and especially in the Negro National Leagues. But even then, many people went without being discovered …show more content…

Foster was born in Calvert, Texas in 1879, but he ran away from his house at the age of fourteen to pursue his dream of becoming a baseball player and joined the Fort Worth team. Since then, he has been on various teams and has accomplished many things in baseball. While in baseball, Foster usually addressed other people on the field as “darling,” and when there were new players, he usually treated them gently, but he had a temper. If anybody were to ignore his instructions, he would give the person a hard rap across the head with his pipe. Later in 1981, Foster was elected on the Hall of Fame. Andrew “Rube” Foster died on December 9, …show more content…

Louis Stars at the age of nineteen in 1922. James got his nickname because he was never nervous in front of big crowds considering his young age. Bell was so fast that he could go around all four bases in twelve seconds, even Satchel Paige used to say that Bell was so fast that he could turn off the light switch, and then jump into bed before the light went off. In 1933, Bell stole 175 bases, that to this day has never been broken. When Cool Papa Bell went to play in the Dominican League, he was to play in the Ciudad Trujillo team. While he was there Bell remembers : “They kept us under guard at a private club. There were men with guns around all the time. We could leave the club only two days a week. I don’t know if they were trying to protect us or to keep us from getting away. I do know that one of the guards told me, ‘If you don’t win they’re going to kill Trujillo.’ I laughed and said, ‘They don’t kill people over baseball games.’ He didn’t laugh. He looked me right at me in the eye and said, ‘Down here they will do it.” Because of his age, James never got to play in the major leagues. Cool Papa Bell is one of eleven Negro Leagues to been elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Bell later died in St. Louis in

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