The Role Of 'Kit And Dottie Hinson In A League Of Their Own'

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In the movie “A League of Their Own” two sisters, Kit and Dottie Hinson take part in the first Women’s Baseball Association, along with other girls from around the U.S. and they all attend Wrigley field for the tryout. The first Women’s Baseball league came to be because of World War two, all the professional players had to go over sea’s and fight, so to keep the sport alive they started a women’s league. The league was founded in 1943, all the owners of the baseball teams did not want the game to be forgotten, so they sent scouts looking for a ton of female ballplayer, yet to know that this league would be so successful. Kit and Dottie Hinson played a major role in the movie because the movie focuses on them from the start, a tremendous catcher

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