The Siskiyou July 1989 Summary

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There is an astounding amount of anxiety that comes with deciding to voice your opinions and protest environmental issues. These emotions are well embodied in T.C. Boyle’s short story “The Siskiyou, July 1989”. The story tells of a group of four environmentalists that hear that the trees and natural landscape of the Siskiyou mountain range are being ravaged and depleted via logging, so they decide to take a stand and protest. The group hikes for countless miles up the mountainside to a road that passes through the forests. It is there that they wait for loggers to come and bear witness to their resilience. The environmentalists expect a tremendous fanfare to surround their protest. However, all they get is a bullying sheriff and the hot sun pouring down their backs. The most important of the four environmentalists is Tyrone Tierwater, the nervous and paranoid main character. Throughout the story Tyrone goes through a series of strong emotions and inner conflict, making him the perfect poster child for the attitude most people have when it comes to the environment. After analyzing him it is evident that, in “The Siskiyou, July 1989” by T.C. Boyle, the fictional character Tyrone Tierwater is a metaphorical representation of society’s anxieties when it comes to environmental issues. Tyrone’s character effectively represents human anxieties surrounding environmental issues by way of his ongoing internal conflict. Tyrone, like many other people today, is passionate about the

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