Support Bill Mckibben's View Of Climate Change

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The initial use of logical examples, Hansen (2009) then looks to initiate the reader’s emotional view on the topic by dismissing the governments concern with the reader’s future generations. Hansen (2009) does this in around the middle of the essay by implying that the government “doesn’t give a damn about your children or grandchildren” (Hansen, 2009 p.434). This allows Hansen (2009) to strike an emotional conquest on readers, presenting that deception the government is providing. This emotional strike of not caring, promotes the readers that they need provide support for their future generations by initiating change. Hanson (2009) induction of readers families also promotes that his view is similar to the readers, as well shows that he shows …show more content…

This allows him to promote an aspect of ethos or his importance on the view of climate control. He appeals this sense of importance by associating with higher officials by writing “Support Bill McKibben and his organization” (Hansen, 2009 p.435). He supports this view and association by writing “McKibben has done remarkable job of helping young people” (Hansen, 2009 p4 .435). This association and support of a certain government official allows him to show a strong view on climate change, as well as promotes a change of government control that is more supportive of his view. At the very end of the essay Hanson (2009) changes his assertion for importance and puts the importance on the reader. He does this by declaring that “Civil resistance may be our best hope” (Hansen, 2009 p.435) and then supports this statement with “It’s crucial all of us, especially young people, get involved. This will be the most urgent fight of our lives” (Hansen, 2009 p.435). This change of importance from himself and government officials to the readers, puts the demand on change in the readers actions prompting them to take actions and follow his view more readily. This change of authoritative views also occurs throughout the essay during the first few paragraphs he asserted that it was the government’s actions to regulate climate change.

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