A Triumph For Moral Authority Isabel Hilton Analysis

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“A Triumph for Moral Authority,” by Isabel Hilton was published in an issue of the Independent (November 15, 2010) as part of the opinion column. This work discusses the impact of a protester’s moral authority and what kind of change (if any) it may lead to. It gives a look into what the possible outcomes may result because of activist actions. The article addressing moral authority by Isabel Hilton is astonishing and very informative due to the author’s ability to present well-structured ideas for each paragraph along with a strong and appropriate use of evidence. In her article Hilton discusses the then recent appearance in public of Aung San Suu Kyi, a former winner of the Nobel Peace Prize who was previously punished after demanding more democracy from those who now rule her nation. She describes the reaction those who were able to obtain a glimpse of Kyi as, “…millions around the world caught their first glimpse of this resolute and courageous woman, who has borne her nearly two decades of confinement with dignity and integrity of purpose…” (pg. 899). Hilton goes on to ponder on what kind of impact an activists’ moral authority could potentially have. She states examples of the situations of other well-known protestors like Nelson Mandela, whose actions went on to impact an entire …show more content…

The author continuously relies on a series of factual events that relate to what her particular arguments are. She attempts to prove to the reader that acting because of moral authority is what brings some of the biggest changes in society today. She states, “There are as many reasons to hope as to fear a new disappointment…” (pg.899) demonstrating to the reader than a protesters’ actions will not always result in a positive outcome. The style chosen by the author suits her purpose of giving the reader a clear view on what moral authority is and how it can impact the

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