Compare And Contrast Adkison And Morrison

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Adkison and Morrison both write about their work and how they felt during these times as a teenager but deliver different points. They share their life experiences working as a teenager and we see that they have different perspectives on working. Although Adkison and Morrison started working at a young age, they were surrounded by completely different environments which contributed to how different they were compared to each other. Morrison and Adkison both have similarities in that they both hated their work in the beginning of their essays and both ended up leaving their jobs eventually. They are also different in that Morrison and Adkison grew up in different environments and they work for two completely different reasons. In Adkison’s essay, …show more content…

Adkison was impacted by the setting in which he was raised since he was always eager to leave the house in order to avoid his stepdads. He started working as a result of this and got out of the house more often. Adkison says, “I was always looking for reasons to be away from home.” (Drowning in Dishes, but Finding a Home, Paragraph 3) This quote shows how Adkison’s life at home affected his work ethic and he always wanted to work, just to get out of the house. While working at his job at Pizza Hut, Adkison hated it because he was always on dish duty and his boss never changed his job. Adkison would always complain about having to do dishes which is why his boss never let him do anything else. Adkison learned from his jmistakes and was eventually promoted by his boss. “Jeff was the leader of this unlikely family…Senior year arrived and though I loved that job, I knew I would go to college the next fall.” (Drowning in Dishes, but Finding a Home) This quote shows how Jeff, his boss, became like a second father to Adkison. Jeff was Adkison’s father figure and they built a really close bond together even after he stopped working. Due to his favorable environment and the people around him at work, Adkison was able to experience joy and happiness while working. Morrison, on the other hand, was

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