The Sapphires Scene Analysis

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The Sapphires film is directed by Wayne Blair and produced in 2012. The Sapphires is a beautifully filmed true story based in 1968 about the story of four indigenous women who go by The Sapphires who got picked to sing to the soldiers in the Vietnam war. The scene that is being analysed is 18.15-2o.23 in this scene Gail is singing a gloomy song for the soldiers because she thinks that Dave is dead. This scene is around the end of the movie just before they go back home. The purpose of this scene is to make us feel sorry for the Sapphires because they just witnessed their manager being killed and that they are singing their sorrows out. In the chosen scene, there are many different camera shots that make the scene. One of them being a median shot at the start of the scene, when The Sapphires starts singing. The Director put this camera shot in to show the sadness in all their eyes. The second shot is a close-up of Gail singing lead. They put this shot in to show the sadness in her eyes when she was singing. …show more content…

At the start of the scene, the lighting is dark so the viewers can’t see the Sapphires are the crowd, but they can see the band in the background so they can tell The Sapphires are about to sing. The rest of the scene the lighting is dark in the background so we can only see the band and The Sapphires, so we pay attention to what is happening. Since this scene is the Sapphires singing the only sound in this scene is Gail and the three girls singing. This sets the scene because the song they are singing is sad and gloomy, the Director wanted the viewers to feel their pain. The Director using an editing technique that looks like the camera is moving from the position in one second but without it being filmed. This is the technique that is being used because it is the most affective editing skill and the most common, it also looks the

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