2001 A Space Odyssey Film Analysis

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The first act of the film has the function to exhibit the nature environment before humanity, the appearance of the first ancestors, and the rapid evolution development of the species. These are represented in the film focus on the life and survival of a small humanoid tribe in the desert. The first act present the environment as an empty, lack of life or diversity during a sunrise. These scenes are used for symbolic representation as the ecosystem or the environment before humanity appears. Later during the first act start appearing the first primitive ancestor, a humanoid form in this habitat performing their regular activities, as well as their organizational and social structure. The editing is used to show how the humanity was and their…show more content…
The next two final scenes are represented as the rapid development of the tribe in compare with another similar group the habitat. The first scene shows the tribe doing their regular activities, but in this case in a different way if compare with the first exposition of the same tribe for the first time at the beginning of the first act. The major differences are now the use of bone as a hunting tool to capture and kill other animals and the change in food habits. At this point the tribe is now towards carnivorous food habits, which is seen in the scene eating meat versus their first appearances in the first act with their food structure based on herbivorous food habits. The second scene is the use of the tool as a defense weapon for protection and defense against others group. This scene is reflected when is a confrontation with another group for a water hole. The confrontation escalates quickly in both groups causing a physical

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