What Does Equality 7-2521 Symbolize In Anthem

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After the council said that the light box must be destroyed, Equality 7-2521 escaped and ran to the forest. He’s currently in the uncharted forest right now. While in the forest, the Author Rand uses imagery to describe what it was like in the forest. Earlier in the novella, she didn’t use imagery as often as she does now as Equality 7-2521 is in the forest. In the community, we get a sense it is bleak and gray. But now in the forest, we get a whole new surrounding of different things that we can better imagine with the imagery used. It’s used as if now since Equality 7-2521 is away from the community, he has more freedom to imagine. In this certain moment of the quote above, Equality 7-2521 has found a river. He’s finally able to see his reflection

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