The Theme Of The Damned In Ayn Rand's Anthem

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Have you ever been in such a bad situation that all you can do is laugh? After reading Ayn Rand Anthem Equality laughed when he remembered he is the damned. In the story when Equality finally became free in the forest he forgot about how he used to live and forgot about being damned. Equality felt that he did not need anyone and that he can be his own person and that’s what took his mind off being the damned. How ever the uncharted forest symbolizes a new way of thinking that no one in Equality's society has dared to do. When Equality defies the Council and enters the forest, he begins to realize he is his own person. He sees how wrong the society he was living in was. I think for our society the Uncharted Forest would represent innovative thinking that people haven't …show more content…

As I mentioned Equality was in the forest he finds a stream and bends down to get a drink of water, while kneeling there he sees a reflection, his reflection. At first I believe he was startled because he has never seen his face before, but after looking at it for a moment longer, Equality was very pleased by his looks. He described his body and face to be beautiful. He also mentions he doesn’t look like anyone he has come face to face with throughout his life. He now has proof before his eyes that he really is an individual and that he does not need anyone. Equality is starting to understand the word I. As I stated in paragraph two the uncharted forest symbolizes freedom, discovery, and a new life. Although it comes across as a scary place, it's somewhere where Equality can be himself. Once you enter, you're free, no one will chase after you. When Equality realizes he is truly different from his brothers, it leads to discovery. I bet that throughout this forest, there are many things the council have never seen or heard of before. All this discovery could lead to a new beginning, a new life perhaps. It's peaceful, no one can bother you. Be yourself, you’re free

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