Examples Of Equality In Anthem

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Living in a world with complete fairness among people sounds perfect, but not when everyone in your society is forced to be completely the same. In the story Anthem, Equality is a character that is different from the others in his society of forced sameness. Equality longs to learn and expand his knowledge, however, there are rules that halt Equality from following his own will, but also push him to learn more. No one is allowed to read, write, experiment, or explore. These rules allow the community to be easily controlled, and forces them to stay similar to one another. Equality breaks these rules and escapes his suffocating home to create his own society of independent people. In Equality’s new world he will have complete freedom and no rules holding people back from learning and growing. …show more content…

The story reads, “It is a sin to think words no others think and to put them down upon a paper no others are to see” (Rand 17). Men in Equality’s society are not allowed to have their own thoughts, instead their thoughts must be the same as everyone else that is in their community. The rules set in place stop people from thinking for themselves and fighting back against the government. If people began to think and realize that all the strict commands they were forced to follow where unnecessary they would revolt. The rules limit Equality from discovering new inventions and growing to be himself. The laws, however also help advance Equality to discover and learn more about his world. The commands in place are to stop individuality among men and create a easier environment to control, however these laws also help puch Equality to learn and grow more which allows him to produce his inventions and discover the Unspeakable

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