Leadership In Knight Riders

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Movies are proposed to entertain us and lead us to a different time or place. But if you look at a movie deeper you see the themes and ideas put into the movie. Directors strive to show, the theme of the idea not just in the characters, but in the setting and camera work. Throughout the play knight riders, the director and producers use characters and images to project to the audience, what they hope that they see. Using this movie to project themes of leadership, even if they were not trying to this start even in the first scene. In this scene you see, you are not part of a normal community, but also opening up with the trees and nature. You see Billy fantasies of what society should be. You see the pure beauty, but also see his unrealistic view of the …show more content…

Team management comes from the leadership grid. This is the best form of leadership highly focused on the people and the task, creating a motivated and driven environment. Whereas Country Club is a task oriented environment a wonderful work environment and productivity, but no connection between leader and follow other than commands. By the end, the merging of Morgan outer group into Billy inner group helped understand the truth and produce a choice for them all. This movie uses medieval and old timed music to show the world of these people. That they are out of place, their outsider creating their own society in our world. This also shows Billy lack of truth, his perfect society this vision he has of an older time, a better time. There is symbolism in the blackbird showing Billy delusion, but also his upcoming deep and recent start for society. They blackbird symbolizing a change in society. Looking at the movie characters through the contingency theory leader behaviors, style, or orientations in dissimilar situations. These theories over time led to the path goal theory specifies which leader

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