Symbolism In To Kill A Mockingbird

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The poet, Lascelles Abercrombie once said, “There is only one thing which can master the perplexed stuff of epic material into unity; and that is, an ability to see in particular human experience some significant symbolism of man 's general destiny.”. He talked about how powerful of a tool symbolism is and how it is the only thing that can truly define a highly complex ‘destiny’ or series of events. Symbolism is something that is found throughout Harper Lee’s book, To Kill a Mockingbird. Lee shows the reader that racism is a product of society,she portrays the matter through her symbolism of the mad dog, the birds and the bugs. Firstly, Lee depicts the mad dog to represent racism and foreshadows Atticus’ willingness to shoot it, which shows that he wants to abolish racism. As the dog, Tim Johnson, walks down the street, everybody runs inside and locks their doors, fearing the abomination that stands before them. But as everyone does so, Atticus “takes the gun and walks out into the middle of the street…” where no one will stand, facing this monstrosity of an animal. “The rifle cracked. Tim Johnson leaped, flopped over and crumpled on the sidewalk... He didn 't know what hit him.”. But even after the dog, symbolizing racism, dies, Atticus warns “Don’t you go near that dog, you understand? Don’t go near him, he’s just as dangerous dead as alive.”. He is telling them that even if racism were to disappear, it would still be extremely hurtful to people, it would still ruin

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