What Does The Flowers Symbolize In To Kill A Mockingbird

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In To Kill a Mockingbird, Mrs. Dubose has a bush of camellias in her yard. These flowers represent racism and prejudice towards black people in Macomb County. She refers to her flowers as “Snow-on-the-Mountain” that have white petals. The white petals show favoritism towards the white people in Maycomb County. In Chapter 11, Jem cuts down all the flowers with Scout’s baton. This shows how simple he thinks racism can be effaced. However, Mrs. Dubose says, “Thought you could kill my Snow-on-the-Mountains, did you? Well Jessie says the tops are growing back out.” (Lee 146). This quote means that racism cannot be easily gone. If you try to get rid of convincing people to change their views of racism, it will only go away for a while. After a while,

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