Argumentative Essay On Anthem

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Anthem Argument Essay

While reading Anthem, a very collective society was shown. But how different is the life depicted in the book compared to the style of life in America? Is America like the cut throat collectivist society shown in Anthem or is it more individualistic? Overall, America is a more individual society because the First Amendment promotes individualism, people in The United States can choose their own career and our government, which is a democracy, is created through individual ideas and opinions.

In the first amendment the citizens of The united states are Promised a freedom to religion and speech. This touches on a person’s individualism because it shows how people in America have the choice to practice any religion they want. In america there is a wide range of religious backgrounds, nobody is forced to conform to a certain idea or following. The majority of people in america are christians but after that there are still hundreds of different religions that …show more content…

Careers are individual because they showcase a person's personal interests and skillsets. In America, as you graduate from high school, you are given a wide range of subjects and skills to study. This is the opposite of Anthem because in the society of anthem the leaders do not let you choose or have a preference for your career. “They called the Student’s names, and when the Students stepped before them, one after another, the Council said: “Carpenter” or “Doctor” or “Cook” or “Leader.””(Rand 25). In Anthem they decide what's best for the group as a whole. For the most part when people in america choose jobs they make their decision on the one that is best for them as a single person. When my brother choose to be an engineer, he did so because it was his passion and something he was interested in. Nobody told him to choose that as a career. This is similar to so many people in america which is why we are so

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