Chapter Summary Of Guns Germs And Steel By Jared Diamond

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Chapter 1 Summary: 1. Chapter one is about the starting of human life. Diamond starts the chapter off by explaining Homo erectus and how humans developed from apes to Homo sapiens. The chapter further explains how humans split off into sections of the world, by starting out in Africa and spreading to continents such as Eurasia and Australia/New Guinea. The main discussion of chapter one is how the humans developed differently between different areas of the globe, but all originated from one place. Environmental diversity caused the Homo sapiens to be different from one another since they were on different parts of the world and adapting to different environmental factors. Chapter 2 Summary: 2. Chapter two begins with two descents of the Polynesian group, the Maori and Moirori. Both groups lived in different places, such as the Moirori lived in The Chathams and the Maori lived in New Zealand. The two tribes were two oppositely developed groups, for example the Maori were forceful and mean and killed, but the Moirori handled their problems peacefully. The Maori group attacked the Moirori , and since the Moirori group is a peaceful tribe the Maori defeated them with ease. Diamond’s conclusion of how the two groups are different is because the two groups grew up in …show more content…

In Chapter eleven, Diamond talks about how animals gave off diseases to human and slain majority of the population. Many animals that were used for farming were carrying many diseases that killed off so many farmers. Since farmers were the main food source for populated areas many people caught diseases and spread them. Since Eurasia is the place with the most food production, it was most affected by the spread of germs and diseases. After building immunity to the diseases, when the Europeans went to the new world they wiped out the Native Americans because they weren’t used to these foreign diseases. Conquering the new world was easy for the Europeans because the germs fought the battle for

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