How Did Shakespeare Influence The Renaissance

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William Shakespeare William Shakespeare was an actor, poet, and playwright, but he did so much more than that. He changed psychology, the english language, theater, writing, and created thousands of words we still use today. William Shakespeare wrote and acted in his plays during the Renaissance, which was a time from the 1300s until the 1600s when ideas of society changed. During the Renaissance, a new concept started to form that changed society which was humanism. Humanism is the concept of being realistic, finding logical explanations to problems and questions, and the belief in people’s individuality. Another change that was different about the Renaissance is that everyone was focused on leaving a legacy. They lived to be remembered and wanted to do something that would leave a lasting impression on the world and the people in it. A …show more content…

They would draw from him when writing a speech or settling a debate. Shakespeare inspired many people, like artists, poets, musicians, ballets, operas, and many, many more. The famous Lin-Manuel Miranda pays homage to Shakespeare in his 11 Tony award winning musical “Hamilton.” He references Shakespeare’s “Macbeth,” speaking of Birnam Wood and Dunsinane. Shakespeare inspired people now and was inspired by people during and before the Renaissance. William Shakespeare changed modern English, writing, and theatre by writing plays during the Renaissance. He had many accomplishments, such as write and act in more than thirty plays, create more than 2,000 words and phrases, changed thinking at the times then and times now, left a lasting impression on the English language, challenged popular beliefs, and changed thinking about the mind and humans. Trying to speak without using any of Shakespeare’s words doesn’t seem like much of a challenge. Although, he created more than 2,000 words and even more phrases. Does it seem so easy

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