Examples Of Self Awareness Quotes In Julius Caesar

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Self Awareness is your own ability to perceive and understand the things that make you who you are as an individual, including your personality, emotions, beliefs, and thoughts. One's self-awareness shows how a character views themselves and how others view them. In the play Julius Caesar by Shakespeare, Caesar is the king of Rome who has too much power, so the Conspirators turn Caesar's friend Brutus against him and plot to assassinate Caesar. During this chaos, Brutus trusts his self-awareness which helps him turn against Caesar in order to save Rome. In Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar, Brutus is seen as a self-aware character since he is aware of his actions and what others think of him. Brutus thinks of himself as a good-hearted person trying to save Rome and others believe he is an honorable person with positive ideas. Once …show more content…

Brutus knows that Caesar is a respectable person so Brutus says “Stoop, Romans, stoop, / and let us bathe our hands in Caesar's blood. / Up to the elbows and besmear our swords” /(3.1.117-119). Brutus respects Caesar as a person, despite his ideas about Rome being negative, Brutus wants everyone in Rome to acknowledge what Caesar has done and respect him for it. Brutus says this to show that Caesar was not at all a bad person, however, Caesar's plans he had for Rome would be very Detrimental and the people of Rome would be miserable. The servant describes Brutus and Caesar as noble people. “Brutus is noble, wise, valiant, and honest. / Caesar was mighty, bold, royal, and loving. / Say I love Brutus and I honor him” (3.1.141-143). Brutus is respected by the conspirators and the servants who know he is the savior of Rome. Brutus demonstrates these traits of him being noble, wise, valiant, and honest during his speech and after the stabbing of Caesar. Brutus' self-awareness shows his honesty and transparency, so the people of Rome love

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