Examples Of Ethos In Julius Caesar

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Aimelia Wolf Mr. Ioannidis 1st Hour English 10B 05 May 2023 logos ethos pathos? "Caesar, now be still: I kill'd not thee with half so good a will." Brutus said before stabbing his best friend for Rome. When Brutus stabbed Caesar the Author wanted the watchers/readers to feel sad and empathetic for him. When in actuality Brutus had every right to stab him. Brutus fears Caesar will abuse the dictator's authority, damaging the Roman republic and turning it into an authoritarian state. Was Caesar really a bad man or was he just trying to do what's best for Rome… Although Caesar's only good qualities were being able to hold power till the end of Roman time till he died Caesar was also a very bad man, he is manipulative in a bad way, manipulating …show more content…

The destined leader is nothing like Caesar. His great leadership and qualities such as patriotism, leadership, truthfulness, compassion, and nobility. Which Caesar possesses none of those qualities. Although some people believe that Brutus conspires against Caesar out of jealousy, Brutus plots against Caesar for the good of Rome. Not just any commoners/people of Rome love high status Generals and high ranking people. Brutus won the hearts of Rome's with his true love for them and the state, and honesty. While Caesar won them over with lies, and false hope for a better future. As Brutus believes, nothing should be done without honor which he shows by killing Caesar. “For let the gods so speed me, as I love the name of honor more than I fear death.” Says Brutus as he's quickly pulled into the conspiracy plot to kill Julius Caesar. Brutus sticks to his moral ethics closely as he states in his quote. “Not that I loved Caesar less, but that I loved/ Rome more.” Brutus loved Caesar but the things he had done made him turn against him. Caesar never knew when to stop when it came to power. Caesar was pushing Brutus to much which then in the end justified Brutus stabbing Caesar for the better of Rome. The favorable and loving Brutus also has some bad qualities, like having trust in everyone and thinking they will tell the truth and be as honest as him, leading him into sticky situations

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