Julius Caesar Conspiracy Essay

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Allison Marker Mr. Ioniaddis English 10B, 1st hr 15 January 2023 Conspiracy of Julius Caesar Many people wanted Julius Caesar as their leader. Caesar’s closest friends did not. However, they believed he would not correctly fit for this job considering his weak skills and disabilities. They thought Caesar would be doing more harm rather than good to Rome. As well as, the conspirators really did not know how Caesar was going to take this opportunity. Caesar could easily take advantage of the amount of power he would receive once he became king. Brutus is afraid of Caesar's power upcoming, so he joins the conspirators and listens to their thoughts & ideas into getting rid of Julius Caesar and his upcoming capabilities. Brutus does join the conspiracy, but not as a result for his own personal gain. Brutus knew the people of Rome were in danger. Brutus received letters, as well as conspirators seeking help from him multiple times. (II, 10-15) Brutus says the conspiracy is nothing personal towards Caesar. Similarly, Brutus sincerely believes that evil may come rather than the good that may come from Caesar, once he gets full power of Rome. Furthermore, they were both true friends, but Brutus thought the decision of killing Caesar was necessary to free Rome from Caesar's tyranny. …show more content…

As well as a great friend of Caesars, which meant he could also trust him. Moreover, Brutus felt like the only way to make sure Rome was safe was to kill Caesar. He felt that for the freedom and wealth of the people, it was the most logical and ethical thing to do. In addition, which led to him being the leader of the conspirators and taking over. Brutus had known the people of Rome admired him, they also loved him. As a result, to Brutus, it wouldn’t have been a big

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