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Should Brutus Have Joined the Conspiracy? Should Brutus have joined the conspiracy? Brutus made the correct decision to join the conspiracy and this essay will discuss and provide three reasons for the decision. The first reason for joining the conspiracy and taking down his best friend is that Caesar will become too powerful to lead Rome. The second reason for taking down Caesar was that he’s misleading and never truthful to Rome. The last reason that Brutus joined the conspiracy is that Julius Caesar is weak and unfit to lead Rome. The first reason Brutus wanted to take down Caesar and join the conspiracy is that he would become too powerful to lead Rome. If he continues to prosper in taking Rome he may gain too much power and overthrow …show more content…

He takes advantage of the people of Rome and does it unnoticed. For example, after his defeat over Pompey, Mark Antony offered the crown three times to Caesar and at every attempt was denied (Act 1 ,Scene 2 ,Lines 221-246). Caesar was intelligent enough to trick the people of Rome to further secure their hearts and minds to then love Caesar even more. A true ruler does not manipulate their own people, and could lead to an untruthful future. The third and final reason for the correct choice by Brutus is that Caesar is unfit and weak to lead Rome. Caesar has many problems that could get in the way of many serious situations. For another example, Caesar has uncontrollable epileptic seizures that affected him during the offering of the crown (Act 1 ,Scene 2 ,Lines 246-254). This could really affect Caesar in the near future with a war or battle. There are many other reasons for Brutus to not join the conspiracy and this paragraph will consider those arguments. To begin, one argument could be that Caesar was Brutus’s friend and that it is not okay to be unfaithful to your friend moreover to stab them in the back. To conclude that argument, Brutus in every way was just trying to save the people of Rome from dictatorship and eventually the fall of Rome. This act from Brutus was unselfish and really displays how much Brutus sympathize the people of

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