Was Brutus A Patriot Or Traitor

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Was Brutus a patriot or a betrayer? Due to his significant role in Caesar's assassination, many people could accuse Brutus of betraying caesar. He was not only Rome's Emperor, but also one of his closest friends. Undercover, Brutus conspires with others to murder Caesar while Caesar is unaware. I suppose Brutus was also a Patriot, which is why I'm convinced that killing Caesar could have been prevented. After all, I'm sure he had other options for attempting to prevent Caesar from becoming king.If we give it some thought, Brutus initially rejects the offer to kill Caesar, and it wasn't until Cassius started faking letters and spreading false information about Caesar that he agreed to take part in the murder. If it weren't for Cassius, Brutus might never have actually killed Caesar. I think Brutus was a patriot and a traitor. …show more content…

However, I think Brutus was a patriot, therefore when Cassius offers him the option to join the plot right away, he declines because he doesn't believe Caesar deserves anything so severe. Brutus resolves to assassinate Caesar after Cassius plants the bogus papers from Rome because he doesn't want the people to be held in servitude. He didn't assassinate Caesar out of envy like the others did, but rather for the good of Rome.Because he chose to die rather than be imprisoned and spends the rest of his life feeling guilty for killing Caesar, Brutus may also appear to be a traitor. However, I do believe that he was being cowardly in certain ways despite his overall bravery. In his last moments, Brutus yells words of comfort to Caesar's ghost. Caesar's ghost doesn't have to worry about exacting retribution on Brutus because he passed

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