Examples Of Foil Characters In Julius Caesar

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A foil character is a character that opposes the main character or protagonist of the story. The characters Nico DiAngelo and Will Solace are included in many of the books written by Rick Riordan. They contrast each other because where Will is more positive, Nico generally takes the negative route. They also have almost the exact opposite appearances, with Will’s tall height and Nico’s short one, Will’s blonde hair and Nico’s black, Will’s darker skin and Nico’s pale. This is an example of a foil character because they directly contrast one another. In the play The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, Mark Antony is an obvious foil of Brutus. Brutus shows many positive traits, many of which Antony directly contrasts. One of the traits that makes them …show more content…

To begin, in Act 1, Scene 2, the author wrote, “If i seem guarded, it's only because i'm uneasy with myself. Lately, I’ve been overwhelmed with private thoughts and inner conflicts, which have affected my behavior.” (Shakespeare 13) In this quote, Brutus speaks openly about his feelings and inner conflicts. Another example could be a quote from Act 4, Scene 3, in which Shakespeare wrote, “Who among us stabbed him for any cause but justice? What— did one of us strike down the most powerful man in the world in order to support robbers? Should we now dirty our fingers with lowly bribes and sell the mighty offices that we hold for whatever gold we can get our hands on? I'd rather be a dog and howl at the moon that be that kind of Roman.” (Shakespeare 169) Brutus is painfully obvious (at least he is from Cassius’ point of view) when he confides to Cassius that he believes that Cassius wasnt as honest about what his intent and motives for killing Caesar were. In Act 5, Scene 1, Shakespeare included, “ No, Cassius, no. Don’t imagine that I’ll ever allow myself to return to Rome in chains. My mind is much too great for that. But today, the work that March 15th began must end, and i don't know if we'll meet again.” (Shakespeare 211) Brutus shows honesty here by telling Cassius that he will kill himself if he thinks that they are losing the battle. All of these pieces of evidence prove that Brutus is honest throughout the

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