Was Julius Caesar Noble Or Honorable

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Danyck Belanger ELA (B30) Ms. Obrigewitsch May 3, 2023 The Noble Brutus: Examining the characters virtues and flaws Brutus is known as a noble man and an honorable through sarcasm sometimes, but none the less even through history and time he is seen by a noble man. Brutus is said by many to be an honorable, but why is he labeled as a noble and honorable man after killing the most liked figured in Rome Julius Caesar. This topic was very interesting because it is the thought on how the man that helped killed Julius Caesar how virtually did not do anything was then killed because people thought if he was king, he would burn Rome to the ground. In the play Julius Caesar Shakespeare made Brutus a important person who moved the plot forward and …show more content…

This was the betrayal that Caesar felt he was not this was important because how it sets Brutus character and Caesar Brutus for going through and Caesar for being stubborn and not seeing the dangers even though the signs were in front of him. Without Brutus thing would be different a lot would change withing the play without Brutus he might have been killed himself alongside Julius Caesar and his decisions were important. The important of what he did helped moved the plot forward him not killing Mark Antony because Brutus said in act 2 scene 1 “our course will seem too bloody” (Line 163) this stated by Brutus is saying that if they killed Mark Antony, it would be to bloody it would be too much, they are only going to kill Caesar. This pushed the plot because him not killing Antony allowed him to talk at the funeral and swaying the public opinion that made the conspirators flee Rome out of fear. A different action could have possibly changed the outcome where maybe Brutus was then elected as the leader of

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