Julius Caesar Flaws

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Peyton Merchant Mr. Ioannidis English 10 B 1st Hr 1 March 2023 Brutus the Real Tragic Hero Tragic flaws are in everyone, some more than others. In the Tragedy of Julius Caesar, many people believe that Caesar is the tragic hero. This could be true, but Brutus would fit more into the tragic hero persona. Some of Brutus’s tragic flaws included trusting people too much, not listening to others that have more experience, and thinking about the people more than himself. All of these flaws ultimately led to Brutus becoming a coward and committing suicide. In act 3 scene 1 Brutus kills Caesar because he thinks he is doing it for the good of Rome. In reality, when he killed Caesar he just signed his death note, and he hurt Rome more than helped. When Antony is brave enough to come out of hiding he asks Brutus two favors. One of them is to make a speech at Caesar’s funeral and the other is to bring his body with him. Brutus agreed to both of these demands. He would later then realize that he should not have let Antony make a speech at Caesar’s funeral. …show more content…

At this point in the play, Brutus was making all of the decisions for the conspirators. He would not listen to Cassius when he should have. For example, if they would have killed Antony he would not have had to flee Rome, another thing he should have listened to is that Brutus should not have let Antony make a speech in act 3 scene 2 lines 73-105. Antony was able to use pathos during his speech to turn the people against the conspirators, while Brutus tried using logos. If Brutus would have used a different approach he would not have had the people turn against

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