Betrayal In Julius Caesar

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Betrayal is an act carried out by those you trust and love the most. In the play, Julius Caesar, by William Shakespeare, one of the main themes is betrayal. Brutus betrays the main character, Julius Caesar, by joining the conspiracy to assassinate him. Brutus is the true protagonist of the play because the conspirators have to get him onboard with killing Caesar so the commoners will not get upset and he does not die until the very end of the play. Brutus is the main protagonist of the play because he is a part of the conspiracy and prevents Rome from getting angry over the death of Caesar. In the beginning of the play, Cassius tries to convince Brutus to join the conspirators. Cassius says to him that all of Rome respects him and calls him …show more content…

Caesar is at the Capitol when all of the conspirators start stabbing him, Brutus being the last one. After Brutus stabs Caesar, Caesar says to him, “Et tu, Brutè?” (3.1.85). Brutus completely betrayed Caesar. Caesar honors and trusts Brutus and he still helps with the assassination. Later on, Brutus speaks at his funeral, attempting to convince Rome that Caesar was ambitious and they had to do it. Antony was so enraged over his best friend’s death, he builds an army to avenge him. As the conspirators began to fall, the army went looking for Brutus. Before they could reach him, Brutus says, “Farewell, good Strato” (5.5.55), and then runs into his sword. Brutus’s speech at Caesar’s funeral infuriated Antony, motivating him to build an army. However, Brutus was able to outlive all the other conspirators and will be thought of as the noblest man. Antony and a few other Romans discover Brutus’s body. Antony says to the Romans that he was the “noblest Roman of them all” (5.5.74). Even after he died, he was remembered by all the Romans as an honorable man, despite what he helped do to Caesar. Brutus was the center of the plot and helped navigate the play from beginning to end. Brutus lived until the very end of the play, which makes him the major protagonist, not

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