The Controversy Of Brutus In Julius Caesar

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There is a lot of controversy surrounding the argument of Brutus being a betrayer or patriot in the Shakespearean play, Julius Caesar. Personally, I believe Brutus was a betrayer. One of the definitions of betrayer is to disappoint the hopes or expectations of; be disloyal to. This means that whenever someone doesn’t remain loyal to a friend, family member, or even nation/city, they automatically become a betrayer. Brutus claimed to be Caesar’s friend, but then he did things to him that no true friend should ever do, so he should be classified as a betrayer. Certain people may argue that Brutus was a patriot though. Brutus claims that he did everything that he did for the sake of Rome and it’s people, which to some looks like an act of patriotism. I on the other hand, still stand by the belief that he was a betrayer. …show more content…

When Caesar is first stabbed he turns and says, “And you Brutus!”, showing that he trusted Brutus and can’t believe he was one of the ones to stab him. Brutus was actually the first person to step up and stab Caesar. These are some of the many things that proves that Brutus is a betrayer. Not only did Brutus actually stab Caesar, he agreed to help plan the entire assassination. Whenever Cassius approached Brutus about killing Caesar, Brutus didn’t turn him down. No true friend would agree to help plan and execute the assassination of their supposed close friend. However, some people might argue that Brutus was actually a patriot, not a

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