The Most Honorable Character In Julius Caesar

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The least honorable character of Julius Caesar is Decius because he lies to people oftentimes. According to the text, Decius tells Caesar that his wife’s nightmares mean nothing at all and that Caesar should still show up to the Senate. This is very unhonorable, as one should always tell the truth. Based on the text, Decius is the type to lie often. The evidence is showing that the more honorable characters never lie as much as Decius. An example of this is how Brutus is completely honest with his reasoning for killing Caesar. It is very unhonorable to lie and say that the nightmares mean nothing at all, when one does not even know that for a fact and when one knows that someone is going to be killed. According to the play, Calpurnia’s dreams of Caesar getting killed were foreshadowing his death, yet Decius was unhonorable and claims that the dreams mean nothing at all. Another piece of evidence is how Decius told Caesar to still go to the …show more content…

One reason people may disagree is because they may be the type that lies a lot and lying may not seem like a huge deal to them, so they may think Decius is in the right for what he did. A second reason is that people may think laughing at somebody is not an ample deal, and Decius was in the right for making fun of someone. They may find laughing at someone as more humorous rather than a type of bullying or sign of disrespect. A third reason is that Decius lying to Caesar and not telling him of the dangers may not be seen as murder by other people, and therefore they would not consider it as making him the least honorable character. People may also think that Caesar deserved to be killed and Decius was actually in the right for tricking him and not telling him of the dangers that awaited him. People may think that Decius was in the right for letting Caesar die since they might have thought Caesar did a ton of terrible

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