Argumentative Essay: The Tragedy Of Julius Caesar

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“Death is not the greatest loss in life.The greatest loss is what dies while still alive.” This quote by 2pac relates to the tragedy of Julius Caesar.Caesar had so much potential and did many things for Rome. Caesar was murdered for the sole fact that others were afraid of a tyrant running Rome. I think that Caesar did not deserve to be murdered for the fact that he had a different view than other people. In (act II,scene 1,line 32-34) the text says “And therefore think him as a serpent’s egg which,hatched,would as his kind grow mischievous and kill him in the shell.” This text is saying that he is evil and should be killed.Conspirators should not have killed Caesar.Just because someone has different views and opinions that you don't like you can't murder them for that.Murder should not have been the answer to this situation.Especially to someone that had helped Rome and their military by conquering and expanding their empire. Brutus says in (act II,scene 1 line 20-25) Caesar might act like a tyrant and turn on the people that helped him get that …show more content…

There are many thoughts and views of the tragedy of Julius Caesar.I don't think he should have been murdered for having a different view about something.We as humans are all different in many ways and think differently.Killing someone because of what they think is wrong.This would mean our society would have to be a utopia which is impossible.This should not have happened to Julius Caesar after all he did for Rome and its

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