Why Was Julius Caesar A Bad Man

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I came, I saw, I conquered!

Skylin Kinkead

Skylin Kinkead

Mrs. Samson

English 10

5 May, 2017


Was Caesar really a bad man? He had great qualities to be a leader, but the conspirators had a great reason to kill Caesar. He was also was a very bad man. He would kill all people that would disagree with him, was a terrible leader, and weak. He was a terrible leader because he was not going to go to the traditional race at the festival of Lupercal. The only reason he was not going to go is because a soothsayer told him to beware the ides of March, March fifteenth to be specific.

Julius Caesar is a man that the conspirators would consider a bad man. They would consider him a bad man because he would have done so many bad things if he were crowned at the ceremony. The conspirators make this plan so that Caesar does not get crowned. They were scared that he would become a dictator, if this were to happen he would have been a harsh and strict as a ruler. The conspirators were all ready to assassinate Caesar because they did not want the horrible dictatorship. Regardless of the personal motives, the decision was ultimately better for Rome than what it would have been with Caesar in ruling over Rome. …show more content…

When Mark Antony was offering Caesar the crown he kept pushing it away not wanting it, he did this three different times. The people of Rome thought that this was good because they thought yes, he doesn 't want a dictatorship. Then again he was a bad man and would have been a bad ruler because he only wanted

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