Marcus Junius Brutus In Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

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Marcus Junius Brutus was a man that could not stay loyal to anyone, especially Julius Caesar. Marcus Junius Brutus had a very sharp demise towards Julius Caesar, Brutus had been sucked into the plot by Cassius and had been an active assassin against Julius. They stabbed him 23 times, and had tried to contradict it, with telling people that he was going to ruin rome, but in the end they had ruined Rome themselves with killing Julius as doing this they started a civil war as a result of Julius´s death. Marcus Junius Brutus was apart of the assassination of Julius Caesar, who had been sucked in by Gaius Cassius Longinus, a man that wanted nothing less than for Julius Caesar to be dead. Julius Caesar had originally declared himself dictator just …show more content…

Julius was loved by so many people that his death had caused a civil war. However, by making himself dictator made a lot of people angry, for example the group of people that had assassinated Julius. “The conspiracy failed to achieve its desired goal, and rather than restoring the republic, the assassination of Caesar triggered a civil war.” It shows that Brutus really wanted to be apart of the assassination because he had wanted Rome to be restored, but instead of making things better, all he did was start a civil war that essentially was made a very significant constitutional transformation throughout Rome. Brutus and Caesar had made Caesar trust him and believe that he could be his friend but he had proved him wrong in the actions he took by siding with Cassius and betraying Caesar once again. Mark Antony was essentially one of the very loyal friends that Caesar had. Mark wanted to warn Julius Caesar about Brutus, but Cassius and Brutus made sure that Mark would never be able to reach Caesar in time to save his life. This has to do with my topic sentence because Mark wanted to save Juliusś live and warn Julius about Brutus’s antics, but he was detained and made sure that he would not be able to save Brutus´s life. “The conspirators surrounded Caesar with requests and questions. At an agreed-upon signal, they attacked Caesar, stabbing him twenty-three times. Mark Antony had heard

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