Comparing Prometheus Bound And The Book Of Job

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Prometheus Bound and The Book of Job are two stories that are both similar in many ways, but at the same time very different from one another. Prometheus Bound is a story about a man who kindly assists humans and gives them fire for their own use. However, Zeus does not like the fact that Prometheus helped the humans, or is friends with them, so he decided to punish Prometheus for what he done. Zeus has his his servant Hephaestus chain Prometheus to a rock and leave him there. Prometheus spend days on the rock and talks to the Chorus of Oceanis, lo, and Hermes while he is on the rock and explains to them all why he is chained to the rock. To end the story a thunderstorm rolls in and Prometheus is left chained to the rock. The Book of Job is a story about a man who “feared God and turned away from evil” (Job 1:1, ESV). He was a very wealthy man who had ten children, many livestock, and many servants. Satan speaks to God one day and God gives him permission to test Job’s faith. Satan begins by taking away Job’s children, killing his livestock, …show more content…

To begin with, both Job and Prometheus were physically harmed. In the Book of Job it states “Satan struck Job with loathsome sores from the sole of his foot to the crown of his head,” (Job 2:7). Then in Prometheus Bound Hephaestus chains Prometheus to a rock and leaves him there with nothing to survive. Therefore, both men were physically harmed and put through very difficult situations physically. Another way the two stories are the same is that the two men both lost everything they ever had and loved. Job loses his ten children, all of his livestock, and his servants. On the other hand, Prometheus loses everything when he gets chained to the rock, including his life at the end of the story. Although the stories are about two different men and two different events they still have some events that make them

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